APRIL 21 - MAY 4, 2025

15 quotes from Mutua Madrid Open volunteers

“I have been able to enjoy the best international tennis and some incredible and important experiences, all with friendly and welcoming people”

Massimo, 41 (Italy)

“You don’t get opportunities like this in Colombia and being part of a tournament of this magnitude is a real privilege”

Daniela, 28 (Colombia)

“The sacrifices you have to make or the kilometres you have to travel are unimportant for the unforgettable days at the Mutua Madrid Open enjoying the best tennis”

Jose Fernando, 52 (Toledo)

“I love being part of the group of volunteers every year. I could not be happier doing it”

Verónica, 38 (Madrid)

“Thank you for everything, thank you for letting us participate in the tournament, for the warmth and the chance you give to those of us who have played and loved tennis since we were little”

Jorge, 27 (Sevilla)

“It is an experience that allows you to see and live, from the inside, the greatness of the sport, the hard work and the determination in all spheres of work”

Raúl, 26 (Madrid)

“Year after year the Mutua Madrid Open provides an unforgettable experience and I am very proud to do my bit to help this event”

Michelle, 38 (Switzerland)

“Coming from Poland and feeling so close with the team from the first day is an experience you do not get very often”

Malgorzata, 29 (Poland)

“I have taken part in several sports events in Russia as a volunteer, and after finishing my second Mutua Madrid Open, now I can really say that I know what it means to work in a team”

Simón, 19 (Russia)

“I would like to send my congratulations from Rio de Janeiro for a well-organised and happy tournament. Tennis is truly celebrated in Madrid!”

Mathilde, 44 (Brazil)

“You manage to make us feel like a united and fun group with a common goal, one that we enjoy and encourage others to participate in”

Fran, 60 (Madrid)

“It really was a wonderful and exceptional experience. And of course, we are now counting down the days again until we go back”.

Lola, 23 (Bilbao)

“That the Mutua Madrid Open is held in my city makes me proud and being able to feel that it is partly mine and share it with my loved ones is an honour you do not get too often”

Miguel, 42 (Madrid)

“With the experience my age allows me, I can say that the Mutua Madrid Open and its organisers are worthy of the magnitude of the Caja Mágica. These 10 days of tennis are the best 10 days of my holidays”

Nati, 68 (Madrid)

“Being a volunteer at the tournament is a ‘necessary’ and enriching experience that you have to have at least once. It is everything: the atmosphere, the sensations, the colleagues, the volunteers’ room, the meetings, the coordinators, the Caja Mágica, the tennis… I’m sure it will not be a one-off”

María, 34 (Madrid)