APRIL 22 - MAY 5, 2024

Alcaraz: “Winning these matches makes me happy”

Carlos Alcaraz waits for no man. The Spaniard has reached the final of the Mutua Madrid Open in impressive style, seeing off Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in consecutive matches, and is now just one victory away from the title. The Murcia native has made himself the Caja Mágica’s new star with his ferocious style, an aggressiveness that has proved too much for everyone.

“I’m really happy to be able to win these matches”, admitted Juan Carlos Ferrero’s understudy. “Beating Rafa yesterday and the world No. 1 today gives me a lot of confidence for tomorrow’s final”.

The man from Murcia closed out an epic match against Djokovic, whom he beat in over three and half hours of all-out battle. Alcaraz spoke about his wont to attack and the plan for his on-court attitude.

“Today it was to be consistent throughout the match. To be aggressive and to be able to read the moments in the match. I think I stayed on the same line all match, I went for it”, he acknowledged. “I didn’t make the most of my opportunities. But the key was being consistent and aggressive throughout”.

In a to-and-fro match, Alcaraz flourished more than ever in the deciding set. At a time where tiredness and adrenaline can take their toll, Carlos was astonishingly clinical.

“In those moments, you have to go for the match. That’s where you see the difference between the good players and the top players, like Djokovic, Rafa, Federer… I want to stand out in that way”, he warned. “In those moments, I want to go all out for the match. If I lose, I leave with the feeling that I’ve gone for it, I dared to. That’s what I thought in the tiebreak, I want to go out and get the match, whatever happens”.

Alcaraz’s thoughts will now turn to the battle for the trophy in Madrid. However, in the back of the Spaniard’s mind will be the fight for the pinnacle of professional tennis.

“I feel ready to compete against them in all tournaments and on all surfaces. In Grand Slams, it’s different. As it’s five sets, longer matches. But I’d say I’m ready. The best have been winning Grand Slams for so long because they’re mentally on a different level. But I think I’m ready”.