APRIL 21 - MAY 4, 2025

Four Setball.radio questions and answers

What is Setball.radio? 

The tournament’s official radio station was conceived in 2013 to cover everything that happens at the Mutua Madrid Open. After its initial trial year, the station continued to grow in 2014 and 2015. Emulating the traditional radio style of the four Grand Slams, Setball.radio is concerned with the broadcast and analysis of the biggest matches each day on an application for iPhone and Android, as well as through streaming on the tournament’s official website. As a result, the broadcast is universal and takes everything that happens in the Caja Mágica in May straight to the fans.

What sets it apart?

Apart from the broadcast and analysis of the biggest matches each day, the tournament’s official broadcaster is an ideal platform for the listener to hear what the players have to say thanks to the interviews carried out in the stunning studio on Level 0, where spectators in the Caja Mágica can see how live radio works and even interact in the various programs.

Who is at the helm of the station?

At the reins of Setball.radio will be a team of professionals from the world of radio who are responsible for covering everything happening on and off the courts in the Caja Mágica. The Setball.radio team will be the voice of all the fans. These broadcasts will provide them with a perfect platform to comment and share the excitement of the best tennis in the world.

How can I listen to it?

On social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), by means of which users will be able to keep up to date with everything that happens during the tournament, as well as on the Mutua Madrid Open app for iPhone and Android (available in the App Store and on Google Play). There, live scores can be followed, the competition draws and training and match schedules can be seen and photos and videos can be downloaded. And, of course, you can listen to Setball.radio.