APRIL 21 - MAY 4, 2025

by Mutua Madrid Open

Seats in the first two rows of the East Side of the Manolo Santana Stadium and access to our lounge area located in the Commercial Street on floor -2.

How does it work?

Once inside the venue and having exchanged your ticket for your Lounge access wristband, you can enjoy the best tennis in a reserved seat in Manolo Santana Stadium or enjoy exclusive catering in the Lounge.

The VIP Platinum lounge is located in the commercial area, near the lake.

What to do?

To pick up your Sky Seats wristband(s), each ticket must be shown.

Wear your ticket and wristband throughout the session.

Buy your Platinum Seat now

Buy your Platinum Seat now and become one of the privileged few who can enjoy the Mutua Madrid Open in a privileged location.

Do you have any questions?

please contact us