APRIL 22 - MAY 5, 2024

The return of Yellow, Prosegur’s robot dog

Prosegur, a leader in the private security sector, has been chosen again to organise the security force to be deployed at the Mutua Madrid Open until Sunday 7 May. In order to provide a service that guarantees the safety of the over 300,000 spectators expected to visit the event, both Prosegur and the Mutua Madrid Open have renewed their commitment to innovation in their respective sectors.

In 2022, Prosegur added a brand new member to its security team for the tournament; Yellow, an intelligent robot dog controlled by AI. Robotics has become a key factor in improving the effectiveness of current security solutions and guaranteeing the protection of people. Therefore, Prosegur will be relying on Yellow’s services again for the 2023 Mutua Madrid Open to reinforce its operations, which are being carried out by a team of over 200 people, organised in three security rings, from the external perimeter to the inside.

Yellow is fully integrated into Prosegur’s security and surveillance tasks thanks to the artificial intelligence provided by the GenzAI platform developed by the company. Using 5G technology, Yellow communicates any risk situation to Prosegur’s Control Centre (iSOC), where all the signals are monitored. The abilities of the intelligent robot dog add dynamism to the organisation’s security and allow for an immediate response to any dangerous situation.

The inclusion of intelligent robotics in security activities is part of Prosegur’s strategy to continue developing a hybrid security model. The initiative is based on empowering security experts through the use of intelligent connected technology that makes strategic use of data, thus strengthening the pillars of security through innovation.