APRIL 21 - MAY 4, 2025

The fans’ long-awaited return to the Caja Mágica

All that was missing was the crowds. The Caja Mágica opened its doors on Tuesday to tennis lovers, who as the 2022 Mutua Madrid Open got underway, paid a visit to the Caja Mágica to watch the first matches of the WTA qualifiers. With the arrival of the players and first training sessions already behind us, all we were waiting for was this essential ingredient, which year after year adorns the Manolo Santana and Arantxa Sánchez-Vicario stadiums, as well as the walkways that lead to the other courts, with life and resplendent colour.

Feliciano López was the surprise welcome party first thing this morning. The MMOPEN director wanted to give a personal welcome to the early-bird supporters and rewarded the first two fans to enter the venue with a ticket to the final as a sign of gratitude.

This year’s tournament is, without a doubt, a very special edition. Mainly because it is the twentieth anniversary of the tournament’s arrival in the Spanish capital. But also because it is the first to be held without limited capacity, although still with responsibility on individuals, after its cancellation in 2020 and the health restrictions that were in place last year

From today, the start of the competition, to the weekend of 7 and 8 May, when the women’s and men’s champions are crowned, the fans will once again be at the epicentre of the Mutua Madrid Open. They are the ones that live and breathe every point, enjoy watching their tennis idols in action on the Madrid clay and spur them on with their cheers. All of this with the unmatchable backdrop of the Caja Mágica, which once again this year will be the home of tennis for children and adults alike during the thirteen days of intense and exciting competition.