APRIL 21 - MAY 4, 2025

The Mutua Madrid Open and Prosegur include a smart robot dog in its security presence

Prosegur and the Mutua Madrid Open, as part of their commitment to becoming leaders in innovation in their respective fields, have announced their security plan for the tournament, which is taking place from 26 April to 8 May in the Caja Mágica. For the first time, the security presence includes a robot dog trained to carry out security tasks that will contribute to the goal of increasing the safety of the almost 300,000 people who will pay a visit to this year’s Mutua Madrid Open.

The tournament’s security firm has a team of over 200 people arranged in three rings of security, from the perimeter to the inside of the premises. This year, Prosegur has implemented some state-of-the-art technology, the main part of which is the intelligent robot dog that the security firm has named Yellow.

In order for Yellow to naturally assume its surveillance tasks, Prosegur has given it artificial intelligence with its GenzAI platform, allowing it to communicate any high-risk situation to Prosegur’s Control Centre (SOC) with 5G technology.

Through GenzAI, Yellow has high-level video-analysis skills. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it can detect suspicious activity, recognise it and generate an alert for the SOC. Yellow is fitted with a large range of sensors allowing it to collect data on its surroundings, including temperature (fire detection) and gas sensors, among many others. Yellow also provides intercommunication between the Control Centre and anyone in its vicinity. These abilities can be modulated and adapted based on the security presence it is lending its services to.

In the case of the Mutua Madrid Open, Yellow can be programmed to patrol the premises, both autonomously (night shifts, for example) and under the supervision of the Prosegur team (when there are spectators present). If a security alert is detected, Yellow can inform the surveillance team via SOC, detecting risks or threats to the facility it is monitoring and helping to neutralise them. It will also act as “VIP Security” and may accompany players to their training sessions or matches.

The robot dog can also climb stairs, move fluidly across irregular terrain and adapt to any kind of surface. With its artificial intelligence, it is able to avoid obstacles, create maps and broadcast its position at all times.

José Gil, the general director of Prosegur Security in Spain explains that “security at an event of the magnitude of the Mutua Madrid Open requires always being one step ahead in the protection of people and facilities. To do so, we include the most advanced technology in our services and integrate it into our activities thanks to our expert knowledge of security. This means we are able to detect and act on any possible incidents and even anticipate potential risks. In this regard, our security model (which includes people – as a priority –, technology and data managed in an intelligent manner) is essential”.

In the words of Gerard Tsobanian, president and CEO of the Mutua Madrid Open, “we’re delighted to be part of this project with Prosegur because it perfectly defines the technological and innovative character that forms part of the Mutua Madrid Open’s DNA”.