APRIL 22 - MAY 5, 2024

The Mutua Madrid Open, at the cutting-edge with the addition of Electronic Line Calling

The Mutua Madrid Open and clay tennis have taken yet another step into the future. Always at the cutting-edge, the tournament will now allow both players and fans to enjoy a historic event at the 2020 tournament at the Caja Mágica, with the first-time addition this season of Electronic Line Calling, the electronic review technology for clay courts.

Electronic Line Calling will be available on the tournament’s three main courts: the Manolo Santana Stadium, the Arantxa Sánchez-Vicario Stadium and Stadium 3, which also have retractable roofs. It will be used in both singles and doubles matches, as well as in men’s ATP and women’s WTA qualifying matches.

The use of the technology on clay, developed by FOXTENN, was officially approved by the ATP in November 2019 and is being trialled at select tournaments by both the ATP and WTA. After an application process for the use of Electronic Line Calling, the Mutua Madrid Open will be the only ATP Masters 1000 and WTA Premier Mandatory tournament that has the option to use this innovation on the European clay swing in spring.

“We’re very proud to have the opportunity to use Electronic Line Calling at the Mutua Madrid Open 2020. It has always been a hallmark of our tournament to innovate and lead the way, therefore the use of this technology reaffirms that spirit. In addition, there is no doubt that it will provide significant extra help to the players,” stated tournament director Feliciano López. “I am so happy about this huge development. It was something we needed on clay, and we’re very happy to have it at the Caja Mágica. I would like to reiterate Madrid’s commitment to always being at the cutting edge of technology.”

The use of Electronic Line Calling on clay is designed to improve the accuracy of umpiring and it was introduced for the first time on the ATP Tour on hard court in Miami 2006. Since then it has been added to other surfaces, apart from clay, where the protocol of allowing players to ask the umpire to check the ball mark during points was maintained. Until the 2020 season.