APRIL 21 - MAY 4, 2025

A typical day in La Caja Mágica

On each of the tournament’s nine days, thousands of people enjoy the best tennis in the world in the Spanish. It is an unmissable event for all lovers of the sport, who come from countries around the world to enjoy the tennis and experience some unforgettable moments. The Caja Mágica boasts three courts with retractable roofs, with capacities of 12,500 in the largest, and 3,500 and 2,500 in the other two. The tournament also has four outdoor competition courts in the Tennis Garden and 10 other training courts, to which spectators have access. Fans not only enjoy watching the best tennis players, there is also a spectacular range of entertainment in the Caja Mágica, where they can enjoy numerous activities aimed at the whole family.

People of all ages and nationalities admire the tournament’s “impressive organisation and wide range of opportunities to enjoy an unforgettable day with the family or friends”. Many come from afar to get close to their heroes. Colombia, Russia, Mexico, Panama… and various other European countries such as France, Germany, England and Italy. They all agree that they are really enjoying their time in the capital and they hope, above all to “enjoy ourselves and see plenty of tennis”.

The good weather helps ensure that the outside courts are always full, but there are also people who prefer to use the training sessions as a chance to take a stroll around one of the spectator’s favourite areas: Commercial Street. This is an area where the most emblematic national and international brands can be found. The zone’s centre point is the tournament’s official store, where anything from caps and t-shirts to giant tennis balls can be purchased, all with the Mutua Madrid Open logo.

As well as the commercial zone and the courts, the Caja Mágica offers several areas where you can eat and continue watching the show with renewed energy. This is one of the things that tourists always mention when they come to the capital to enjoy a few days of the best tennis in the world: “it is very convenient to have everything to hand. Not having to leave the venue and being able to stay there the whole day”.

The fun starts in the morning, continues throughout the day and does not end until late at night. Starting from eight in the evening, music can be heard from the concerts sponsored by Estrella Damm. At the end of each day, various groups liven up the stage in what has become another of the tournament’s biggest attractions. “We came on Friday and the atmosphere is spectacular. Today we’re back to enjoy the whole day”, commented a tennis lover who had come all the way from Liverpool to enjoy the tournament.

With an entire week ahead of us, anyone who makes the trip to the Caja Mágica is guaranteed a fantastic day thanks to all the activities on offer at the Mutua Madrid Open.