APRIL 21 - MAY 4, 2025

Mutua brings its commitment to sustainability and social action to the Mutua Madrid Open

This year, once again, Mutua Madrileña is the main sponsor of the Mutua Madrid Open tennis tournament. The sponsorship deal started when it was a small local event, which has now grown to become the most important tennis competition in Spain. With this sponsorship, the insurance company is promoting the values of sport: respect, leadership, dedication, teamwork, etc. But the tournament also provides visibility to its strong commitment to sustainability, an issue that this year permeates the competition as well as Mutua’s presence and collaboration, along with the celebration of the Mutua Foundation’s 20th anniversary.

The many initiatives the insurance group has implemented for this year’s Mutua Madrid Open include its 2023 Mutua Challenge, a project through which it has committed to plant several hundred trees in Madrid. With the initiative, which is being implemented for the second consecutive year, Mutua is shining a light on its commitment to sustainability, and specifically caring for the environment: trees help reduce environmental contamination, clean the air, allow energy to be saved, and even help combat global warming. 

This Mutua project is highly visible in the Caja Mágica, where this year’s Mutua Madrid Open is replete with messages explaining all of the insurance group’s initiatives that contribute to caring for the environment and raise awareness of sustainability.

A sustainable journey
Mutua Madrileña is also making use of the tournament venue to create a “journey” through sustainability, with various “stops” (points of interest in the Caja Mágica) where there are reminders of the company’s various achievements in environmental protection, care for people (employees, suppliers, clients, vulnerable groups and society in general) and social action.

In the field of environmental care, for example, the company has reduced its carbon footprint by over 85% in less than a decade. In terms of support for people, Mutua allocated almost 200 million euros between 2020 and 2021 to help SME suppliers, freelancers, and insurance holders deal with the economic and health consequences of the pandemic.

Its commitment to employees can be seen in the conclusions of various rankings, which show Mutua Madrileña to be one of the best companies to work for in Spain (Mutua is 10th in the 2020 Merco Companies ranking).

Mutua’s social support is reflected in initiatives such as its aid for social action, which, in the last ten years, has helped improve living conditions for over 330,000 people both in Spain and abroad.

20th anniversary of the Mutua Madrileña Foundation
As well as demonstrating its commitment to sustainability, the Mutua Madrid Open provides the ideal stage to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Mutua Madrileña Foundation. The relaxation areas of the Caja Mágica are this year dedicated to the foundation’s four areas of activity: social action, medical research, art and culture, and road safety.

“Celebrating 20 exciting years” is the message with which the entity is presenting the main initiatives and results of the social-support activities it has implemented since its beginnings. In the field of medical research, since its establishment in 2003, the Mutua Foundation has raised 68 million euros to support 1,400 studies on diseases, funded in over 200 hospitals and research centres. Meanwhile, 10,000 children and adults with rare diseases have received aid from the entity for rehabilitation treatment.

Social-action initiatives of the Mutua Foundation include donating over 10 million euros to projects supporting disadvantaged groups. In the field of domestic violence, for example, 25,000 women who have been victims of this blight and their children have been helped by means of 60 support programmes. For their part, children have been the focus of programmes to raise awareness of school bullying through direct action at 750 education centres.

In terms of culture, 1,350,000 people have benefitted from the foundation’s collaboration with museums and cultural centres throughout Spain. 1,460 children have accessed scholarship schemes organised by the foundation and over 200,000 assistants have enjoyed the various concert series organised by the foundation.

In road safety, the entity runs several projects for raising awareness. In this regard, 200,000 children and youths have participated in various workshops held at schools and universities.

Against domestic violence
Mutua Madrileña also utilises the Mutua Madrid Open as a platform to raise awareness of one of its foundation’s main lines of activity; the fight against abuse.

This year, during the days of the competition (24 April to 7 May), the Mutua Madrileña Foundation is running an intense campaign with the slogan “If you abuse a woman, you are a loser and you will be forever”, to raise awareness of the need to unconditionally reject abusers and domestic violence. Some of the biggest stars in tennis have participated in the campaign, such as Iga Świątek, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Casper Ruud and Paula Badosa.

They all contributed to the creation of images and a video that will be shown on television, in the press, and around the Caja Mágica during the Mutua Madrid Open, as well as on social media.

The campaign is one of the initiatives the Mutua Madrileña Foundation carries out to raise awareness of domestic abuse. Since 2012, it has been working actively on prevention, raising awareness, support, education and employability for women who are victims of domestic abuse. It has also made economic contributions to the maintenance of refuges in several Spanish cities.